Born: Belgrade, Serbia
Believes in: People and Purpose
Values: Passion in Everything You Do

Isidora Colic, Project & Media Communication Manager

Global Development Team

Isidora holds a position of Project & Media Communication Manager after finishing a six-months internship at ICDO.
She pursued BA in Media Communications, where she developed skills needed to create and manage social media content, as well as an understanding of both modern and traditional media.
Believing in finding purpose in everything you do, she always expressed an interest in working in an international organization, whose projects truly help the humanity.
Art and creativity have always been part of her life ever since she attended the Music High School in Serbia and thus she is familiar with the universal language spoken through art – the language that everyone can understand.
Throughout the years, she has been involved in working and volunteering in refugee camps in Serbia, where she did a set of interviews for her university project in Vienna.