ICDO cooperating with UNIDO for 3rd “BRIDGE for Cities”

ICDO is excited to announce our cooperation with UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization as an Activity-Level Partner for the United Smart Cities at the 3rd “Bridge for Cities” event at the Vienna International Center on October 10th, 2018, in which we will be organizing “ICDO’s Costumes of the World”. If you missed the costume show and performances during our event, ICDO’s Long Night of Intercultural Dialogue, now is your chance to admire the diversity and richness of traditional costumes from all around the world.

Rathaus Opening Ceremony of the Long Night of Intercultural Dialogue, photo by Danijela Bogdanovic

The 3rd “BRIDGE for Cities” event revolves around urban-industrial development and takes the green industry and sustainable development as its central theme. The goal is to establish a platform centered on demand-driven matchmaking through which government stakeholders, development agencies and business-sector investors can share their demands and challenges, forge partnerships and negotiate an investment. At the same time, it aims to showcase concrete examples of urban-industrial solutions with 4 case cities (Chengdu, Shanghai, Trieste, and Vienna) and their municipal leaders highlighting ongoing and future projects in a variety of sectors. Moreover, this event is aimed to further the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

ICDO believes that by participating in this project we can contribute to the advancement of sustainable development while at the same time furthering our mission of safeguarding diversity.

To attend, please register at: https://www.unido.org/3rd-bridge-cities-event