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The responsibility of every human is to actively participate in the community.

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Bridging Diversity: Education

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On the 26th of October 2018, ICDO hosted an event for the development of cultural interaction between young people from three schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ICDO cooperating with UNIDO for 3rd “BRIDGE for Cities”

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ICDO is excited to announce our cooperation with UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Safeguarding Diversity with ICDO’s Long Night of Intercultural Dialogue

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The opening ceremony of ICDO’s Long Night of Intercultural Dialogue officially kicked off at the Wiener Rathaus with a costume show

No Home for Hate Conference

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On May 4th, 2018, ICDO partnered with a diverse team of students from the International Webster University in Vienna to host a lecture and panel discussion supporting the “No Home...

No Home for Hate Campaign Fights Hate Aimed at Foreign Women

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Hate speech should have no place in modern society, as it is a respectful dialogue that brings about the best kind of results.

ICDO supports Caritas ‘Haus Miriam’ shelter with a visit to Chocolate Museum Vienna

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Meaningful or diverse recreational activities offer a positive change for people without a home. Whether it is boosting their self-esteem, developing their skills,

Symposium: Music, Diversity, and Diplomacy

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Orchestra Excellence, ICDO – International Cultural Diversity Organization, and EMMA for Peace will hold a symposium feauring speakers who will discuss Music, Diversity, and Diplomacy…

“Musica, diversità, diplomazia” al Festival “Suoni dal Golfo”

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Roma, 31 ago. (askanews) – Puo la musica unire i popoli, nel rispetto delle diversita, creando le premesse per scambi interculturali capaci di migliorare la convivenza e aiutare la pace nel…

Dvoje Hrvata na čelu nevladine organizacije ICDO u Beču

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Cilj ICDO-a promoviranje je raznolikosti I interkulturalnosti u cilju ohrabrivanja komunikacije među različitim kulturama Beč je od nedavno bogatiji za još jednu međunarodnu nevladinu…

La forza della musica contro l’oscurantismo

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La musica non ha confini, non conosce ii colore della pelle ne l’appartenenza ad una fede religiosa. Quando si manifesta brucia ii tempo e non ammette repliche, tocca le corde piu profonde…

“Musica, diversita, diplomazia” al Festival “Suoni dal Golfo”

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Diversity Organization ha visto la partecipazione di illustri ospiti intemazionali a cominciare da Gianluca Marciano, direttore d’orchestra e fondatore con il violinista Maxim Novikov dell’Orchestra…

“Suoni dal Golfo” Press Conference, Rome, Italy

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The “Suoni Dal Golfo” festival was announced by the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) together with the founders of the Orchestra Excellence, Gianluca Marciano and Max…

Ovdje Hrvatska, a tko je tamo?

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Beč je bogatiji za još jednu međunarodnu nevladinu organizaciju za kulturalnu raznolikost ICDO (International Cultural Diversity Organization), koju vode dvoje Hrvata, Josipa Palac i Toni Pehar. Cilj ICDO-a je promicanje raznolikosti…

Webster Vienna Alumni Host Event on Campus

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You are only as strong as the people who support you: this was proved true on 28 March 2017, when Webster Vienna Private University hosted a cross-cultural workshop titled “Cultural Speed Dating & Mashup”…

Hrvat s velikim međunarodnim iskustvom priznao: Srce vuče kući

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Oboje sugovornika najavili su povezivanje i sklapanje partnerstva s ostalim nacionalnim i međunarodnim organizacijama, institucijama, društvima i pojedincima čiji su ciljevi slični…

ICDO- Cultural Speed-dating and Mashup

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On the 28th of March, 2017 at 6pm – The International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) presents a cross-cultural workshop, “Cultural Speed Dating & Mashup”, to encourage cultural interaction…

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ICDO brings you all the world wide news on the topics related to Cultural Diversity in the correlation to the society and other aspects we believe matter.

Diversity in Health Care Providers Helps Patients Feel More Included

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Many people take it for granted that when they visit a doctor’s office, stop at a pharmacy or go to the dentist, at least some of the staff members will look like them. For some patients, it may not matter …

Migrants on the Margins

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Migrants on the Margins, a three-year field research project led by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is attempting to improve our understanding of the experiences of migrants and their access to urban opportunities. By 2050, …

How Nigerians took Boko Haram’s victims to their hearts

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People have opened their homes and land to refugees. The rise of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram has forced more than 2.6 million people to flee from their homes across Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad,

Diversity fatigue

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Making the most of workplace diversity requires hard work as well as good intentions. RONALD REAGAN once said that “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.

What Is Diversity Now?

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Ashley Graham sauntered down the runway at Michael Kors on Wednesday, her ultracurvy frame swaddled in silver fox. Days earlier, Jacky O’Shaughnessy, 65, walked at Tome, her silver hair unfussily swept off her face. And at J. Crew, too, among