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Ani Hakobyan, Event and Project Director

Global Development Team

My name is Ani Hakobyan. As a teenager, I spent 10 years living in Saint Petersburg, the cultural center of Russia. My time there allowed me to fully appreciate the beauty and important role art and culture play in the modern world.

With my master’s degree studies almost finished, my time in Saint Petersburg was also nearing its end. I decided to continue my international ways and begin a new chapter of my life in Vienna, Austria. I quickly realized I would fall in love with this place, and have been living in Vienna now for eight years.

In Vienna, after finishing my second master’s degree, I started working in the marketing department of a small pharmaceutical company. Additionally, I was a freelance event and project manager. Most of the projects I was leading were abroad, contributing greatly to my already deep love for travel and self-discovery.

I cannot say for certain that I am attracted to one specific field of work. It has been a custom of mine to take expertise from different professions and make them a part of my whole skill set. This is evident in my short foray into politics, where I took part in a pre-electoral campaign for a candidate to the National Assembly of Armenia. This was truly an exciting experience.

From those who know me, they will all say the same: my communication skills are the strongest part of my personality. I must say I see the truth in their words – my biggest pleasure in life is sharing my experiences with others and learning from theirs as well.