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Cultural Diversity in Sustainable Development: Example of Central American Countries

September 6th, 18:00PM CEST, Facebook Live

During 2021 several countries from throughout Latin America – including Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru – are celebrating their bicentennial anniversaries of independence from the Kingdom of Spain. ICDO will launch an intercultural dialogue between these and other Latin American countries to commemorate the independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule and revisit the history of Independence Day celebration, but also enhance cooperation to secure shared growth and contribute to further strengthening of multilateral diplomacy.

In addition, ICDO will open the discussion on the interlinkages between culture and nature, cultural diversity and sustainable development as well as the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainability from multidisciplinary perspectives. Specifically, we will forge a dialogue on how Central America, as one of the most diverse and biodiverse regions in the world, addresses sustainable development goals (SDGs) as we believe that local and indigenous knowledge systems provide valuable insight and tools for tackling multiple challenges and that it is crucial to include the experience of Central and Latin American countries in using cultural diversity in social and economic development.