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On the 26th of January, ICDO hosted a Gala Dinner at beautiful Casa Xixim in Tulum. The aim of the Gala Dinner was to gather all those who supported the first phase of ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project: Solidaridad municipality, Tulum municipality, Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo), Instituto Municipal de Cultura y las Artes Playa del Carmen, Social Development Department of Solidaridad Municipality, Ms. Ximena del Valle, Ms. Jessica Fernandez Garcia, Mr. Farid Dieck Kattás and many more.

The night was opened with welcoming words by Ms. Josipa Palac, ICDO President, who presented the first phase of the project and announced the next steps and phases, with the aim of accomplishing long-term goals of safeguarding Maya language, culture and art, empowering Maya individuals and communities and conserving the biodiversity of Yucatan Peninsula.

The evening was moderated by the prominent opinion leader Mr. Farid Dieck Kattás, ICDO Honorary Ambassador.

A traditional Maya ritual and musical performances by the young and talented Maya rap group, Tihorappers Crew, contributed to a truly special experience and a memorable evening of music, joy and exchange.

Guests enjoyed a delicious Mexican-Maya fusion dinner, prepared by ICDO Art Director and Croatia Masterchef Ms. Iva Pehar.

ICDO would like to say one big thank you to everyone who supported us in this very important project and will continue supporting the next phases of ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’.