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About Mani-Fiesta

Campaign Launch: Thursday, November 26, 6 PM CET

Location: Facebook

Mani-Fiesta is an initiative and social media campaign in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czechia, created by the Embassy of Colombia in Vienna and ICDO. Through Mani-Fiesta participants can transmit a message to protect and conserve nature, using prints of representative pieces from Colombian artist, maestro Pedro Ruiz.

This approach fosters a reconciliation with our habitat, in which we present ourselves reunited with Nature.

The main objective of Mani-Fiesta is to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity worldwide and in Colombia, one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world. Colombia is home to 10% of the planet’s biodiversity, threatened by climate change and human activities. Mani-Fiesta will bridge the gap between Europe and Latin America, showing how the loss of species in one country is of interest to and can affect the whole world. Finally, the campaign celebrates the 100th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Colombia and Austria.

During Mani-Fiesta, ICDO and the Embassy of Colombia organize a virtual campaign, using innovative participatory tools to attract and inspire as many people as possible to be the change for our Earth.


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Behind each of maestro Ruiz’s pieces lies an interest in nature; the nature that can be found in the landscapes, rivers, butterflies…

Pedro Ruiz was born in Bogota in 1957. He studied printmaking at the Atelier 17 in Paris and at the National School of Fine Arts. In 1988 he received Honorable Mention at the National Salon of Colombian Artists. In 2010 he was designated as Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic. His works have been exhibited in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, USA, India, Indonesia, UK, Italy, Japan, France and Mexico.

Some of the pieces of art that are part of Mani-Fiesta come from the Collection Oro: Spirit and Nature.

“ManiFiesta is a project oriented towards nature, and it is not a project oriented towards criticizing anyone. We want everyone to join in a prayer for nature and our culture.”, says Pedro Ruiz.

This Collection represented Colombia at the World Economic Forum in Cartagena in 2010.

Other pieces are part of the series Biodiversity Tarot, a collective project with the Humboldt Institute. Biodiversity and Colombian art, strokes and colors inspired by the country’s rich environment, other forms and fearless languages, interpreting Colombia’s nature.