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On the 15th of January, the Mayor of Playa del Carmen, Mrs. Laura Beristain Navarrete, officially announced the cooperation with ICDO on ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project. The mayor cordially welcomed Josipa Palac, President of ICDO, and Toni Pehar, Treasurer of ICDO, to the event and publicly announced the exciting cooperation and their support for the project.

“I am so grateful for your work and you have our support. Welcome!” Mrs. Beristain Navarrete said in her welcome speech.

ICDO would like to thank Mrs. Beristain Navarrete, Solidaridad municipality, Teatro de la Ciudad Solidaridad, Instituto de Cultura y las Artes de Playa del Carmen and Social Development Department of Solidaridad municipality for their unreserved support for ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project.