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Art Workshops

ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an:
Following the Maya Voice’ - Phase I

La vivencia de la comunidad maya es tan dura y rústica; como explicarle al mundo sobre otro mundo que simplemente no se puede explicar, es por eso que a través de mi arte expresó mi lucha y mi dolor, mis ideales y mi pasión. Que mi alma colorida y corazón de maíz griten hoy, un 'QUE ORGULLO SER MAYA!'

The experience of the Maya community is so hard and rustic; how to explain to the world another world that simply cannot be explained, that is why, through my art, I show my struggle and my pain, my ideals and my passion. May my colorful soul and heart of corn shout today, 'WHAT A PRIDE TO BE MAYA!'

Edgardi Aban Mac, Coba Community, Tulum

Art has always been an important part of the Maya civilization.

Not only is it a conduit for expression for the Maya, but it also gives us a deep insight into the multifaceted Maya culture.

Therefore, it was necessary to use art as a tool and to give a platform to young Maya artists that they can use to express themselves and their culture by creating an art installation.

Students from the art department of Universidad Intercultural Maya de Quintana Roo (UIMQRoo) participated in a series of art workshops which began on January 16th, 2020 in José María Morelos, Quintana Roo.

‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ Art Installation represented the symbiosis of the traditional and the contemporary, complementing each other in a sustainable synergy.

33 young and talented Maya from 16 different communities joined ICDO Art Director Iva Pehar in an interchange of traditions and cultures. They challenged preconceived notions in contemporary art, expressing  their messages through impressive Art Installation made from raw materials found in the immediate region. ‘Maya Voice’ Art Installation brought together their beliefs, dreams, plans for the future, and messages that they want to transmit to the world.

“This experience took me back to my high school years, where we were taught to make something out of nothing. It was an exquisite experience to relive that inspiration by creating art installations using materials found in the immediate region. I was impressed with the students, who were so passionate to express their values and beliefs through art, which connects us all,” said Iva Pehar, ICDO Art Director, who had an advisory role in the creation of the Art Installation.