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“ICDO Colombia” was inspired by cooperating with Colombian Embassy in Vienna, Austria and learning about cultural diversity and biodiversity of Colombia and indigenous communities Wayuu, Zenú, Nasa, and Pastos in Colombia.

Objective of this project is to to change national and international public opinion, to encourage a change inside and outside indigenous communities, to emphasize the importance of the inclusion of their language and customs, to empower women and youth, and to provide a platform where indigenous communities of Colombia can broadcast their messages, needs, and concerns independently.

ICDO through its activities raises awareness of the fact that the indigenous activities have a lack of access to the health system and face discrimination and segregation by the rest of the population.

Finally, one of ICDO’s goals is to create change in the policies affecting these communities.

Participants: Members of Wayuu, Zenú, Nasa, and Pastos indigenous communities. Professionals from International organizations,Government officials

Activities & Results: Conducted field research for further activity planning. Conducted more than 20 interviews with members of indigenous communities to establish core problems and urgency of the following action.Established contact with government organizations and officials, private foundations, NGO’s, local international organizations in order to plan future activities.