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'costumes of the world' book

October 1

A virtual presentation of “ICDO’s Costumes of the World” Book

For a year, the ICDO team has been working on the spectacular ‘Costumes of the World’ book, showcasing more than 180 traditional costumes from 28 countries around the world.

Folk, wedding, ceremonial and traditional costumes were presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Long Nights of Interculturality 2019 in cooperation with Embassies, folklore ensembles, cultural centers, and dancing academies in Vienna, Austria.

Heartfelt thanks to:
  • Ms. Dina Lee – Photographer
  • Ms. Iva Pehar – ICDO Art Director
  • Mag. Josipa Palac – President
  • BSBA Toni Pehar – Treasury
  • BA Isidora Colic – Project & Media Communications Manager
  • Mag. Lizette Navarro – Costume Coordinator
and the whole ICDO team for making this possible!