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September 15

Virtual art exhibition ‘Art Reunited’

September 15-October 15

Have you ever imagined that you could visit any art gallery in the world at any time you want, and skip the long queues?

The concept of The Long Nights of Interculturality 2020 is a whole new virtual experience, showcasing the beauty of diverse cultures and traditions through numerous virtual events, including a virtual art exhibition presented on one of the most trending online art exhibitions platforms worldwide, Artsteps.

The exhibition’s theme – reunited – explored the messages transmitted through contemporary art pieces about recent global changes regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, racial discrimination, environmental changes that threaten to destroy our planet, and an urgent need for a more diverse, inclusive, and a better world. ‘Art Reunited’ presented different expressions and values of cultural diversity, biodiversity, and social inclusion and artistically convey ideas of intercultural dialogue, showcasing artworks of artists from every corner of the planet.

icdo proudly presents:


  1. Pablo Posada Pernikoff, Colombia

  2. Vatroslav Kuliš, Croatia

  3. Jindra Viková, Czech Republic

  4. Pavel Baňka, Czech Republic

  5. Norlie Meimban, the Philippines

  6. Jerson Jimenez, Dominican Republic

  7. Rutger De Vries, Netherlands

  8. Yasuyuki Ueda, Japan

  9. Ben Chong See Wai, Malasia

  10. Alexandrine Massot, Switzerland

  11. Resul Ertaş, Turkey

  12. Gülnihal Küpeli, Turkey

  13. Renee Avila, the Philippines

  14. Mohammad Fazel Nagash, Afghanistan

  15. Jelena Kopanja, Austria