September 18

“Voices of the Change” Motivational Videos


ICDO brings you something completely new and refreshing this year – video messages by ICDO fellows – numerous activists, influencers, and opinion leaders who joined the Long Nights of Interculturality 2020 and spread powerful and strong messages internationally.

They discusses various topics such as racial discrimination, human rights, indigenous peoples issues, environmental preservation, inclusion, gender equality, and climate change, broadcast by ICDO.

Thank you:

  • Alberto Nodale, Austria/Philippines
  • Farid Dieck, Mexico
  • Jessica Fernandez, Mexico
  • Ediana Montiel, Indigenous Wayuu, Colombia
  • Jwikamey Torres, Indigenous Arhuaco, Colombia
  • Sarah Goody, the USA
  • Lina Burnelius, Sweden
  • Corvin Droessler, Germany
  • Sunita Sahu, India
  • Diego Cahun, Indigenous Maya, Mexico
  • Massay Crisanto, Honduras
  • Johnnie Jae, the USA
  • Laurenz Faber, Austria
  • Maram Aboul, Egypt
  • Anicee Gohar, France/Egypt
  • Rania Ali, Syria