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closing ceremony

The 2019 Long Nights of Interculturality concluded with the Closing Ceremony at the Wiener Börsensäle on September 6, with more than 700 visitors in attendance and more than 180 traditional featured at the 'Costumes of the World' show.

September 6

Closing Ceremony & ‘Costumes of the World’

Wiener Börsensäle

In addition to speeches from ICDO President Josipa Palac, opportunities for cultural networking, and delicious food brought by partners, the highlight of the evening was ICDO’s “Costumes of the World” spectacle. It was an inspiring show of more than 180 national and traditional costumes, some handcrafted, from 35 different cultures. Handmade traditional wedding, folk and dancing costumes told unique stories about cultures and traditions from all around the world.

Many prominent guests were in attendance: Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Austria, H.E. Lourdes G. A. Victoria – Kruse and Alternate Permanent Representative Ms. Ellen Josefina Martinez de Cooreman, Ambassador of the Kyrgyzstan Republic to Austria H. E. Bakyt Dzhusupov, Ambassador of Colombia to Austria H. E. Miguel Camilo Ruiz and spouse and Cultural Officer Mrs. Alina Cardenas Rey, Director of Azerbaijan Cultural Center Mrs. Leyla Gasimova and Mr. Hassan Asbarov, Mrs. Gulnare Xelilova, Mr. Ghousuddin Mir from Afghan Cultural Association (AKIS), Counselor Mr. Faho Sanibe from the Embassy of Burkina Faso, Dr. Amr Ibrahim Abdelrahman Elatraby and delegation from the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, H. E. Djumala Darmansjah and spouse, Minister Counsellor Mrs. Palupi Sukiyantini Mustajab and Third Secretary Mr. Rahmat Kurniawan from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

“It is very important to safeguard diversity because it is a nature of mankind” said one of the participants from Colombia.

ICDO was honored to collaborate with Vienna-based portrait photographer Dina Lee, who captured portraits of national and traditional costumes during the Closing Ceremony, and the talented Azerbaijani fashion designer Gulnara Xelilova, whose Azerbaijani traditional costumes were showcased in our “ICDO’s Costumes of the World” exhibition. It was an excellent example of the work being done towards safeguarding diversity for an inclusive, colorful, strong society. Photos of the traditional costumes around the world are part of the ICDO’s “Costumes of the World” book, premiered at the Long Nights of Interculturality 2020.

“ICDO brings people together to create a peaceful world” said one participant from Burkina Faso.

Ending the celebration on an exuberant note, violinist Moša Šišic and his band entertained the audience with their lively, colorful music, fusion of Balkans and classical music.