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Mrs. Louise Deininger
Founder and Initiator of GYCO (Global Youth Conference)

Mrs. Louise Deininger was born in Uganda and grew up in Kenya. She lived in London and moved to Vienna in 2007. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, she worked as a consultant and presenter in the field of art. Mrs. Deininger an award winning African conceptual artist who uses art as an instrument to fulfil her goal and mission

Mrs. Deininger is the founder and President of GYCO – Global Youth Conference, based upon the United Nations (UNO) Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) GYCO brings about positive change in the post-conflict society, so that the  full potential of young adults – who have been indirectly or directly affected by the aftermath of war.

In 2014, Mrs. Deininger co-founded Kenyans in Diaspora Austria and worked on Women Empowerment programs and youth development before establishing GYCO. In 2017, she organized a youth conference in Gulu, Northern Uganda the largest in the region with more than 500 youth leaders featuring Nobel Prize Nominee Victor Ochen as a keynote speaker including other dignitaries and leading members of parliament.

Mrs. Deininger is a winner of 2019 Black Austria Award in the category of Art and Culture. “I wanted to bring about positive change in the world because I strongly believe that is one of the big purposes of life and why we are here to change or contribute something to humanity,” stated Mrs. Deininger.