September 8

Rathaus Opening Ceremony

Location: Rathaus
Lichtenfelsgasse 2, Stiege 2, Wappensäle
1010 Vienna

Time: 15:00-17:00

The Long Nights of Interculturality – a week-long annual public festival showcasing Vienna’s diversity – kicked off on September 8 at the Vienna City Hall (Rathaus).


Nestled in the heart of Europe, Vienna has always been a home to different peoples – a meeting point between East and West and a melting pot of cultures.

“We are here to promote and educate on the differences between cultures. We are here to promote the message of equality of individuals in every society. We are also here to support the multiculturalism in society and every form of diversity as an enhancing factor in society.”, said Josipa Palac, ICDO President.

The Vienna City Hall provided a spectacular backdrop to the energetic and kaleidoscopic performances of numerous Vienna-based folklore ensembles, dancing groups, cultural centers, and performers.

The opening ceremony of ICDO’s Long Nights of Interculturality officially started with a costume show moderated by Heather Wokusch and Philipp Grüll in English and German, respectively.

From Austria to Zambia, fifteen countries revealed their traditional costumes in a stunning display, provided by VIC Club Filipino, VIC Russian Club, Folklore Ensemble ‘Šokadija Beč’ and many others. Over fifty beautifully-crafted costumes emphasized the importance of safeguarding diversity; while at the same, showing how cultures constantly inspire and influence each other. The audience was captivated by the traditional Indonesian and Filipino dance performances that inaugurated and concluded the costume show.








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A symposium followed, during which attendees were able to hear from experts in various fields and join in the discussion titled, ‘Collaborating Minds: Diversity’s Role in a Modern Society’. The symposium was moderated by Jürgen Peindl, the news presenter and editor-in-chief of Puls4, with the speakers:

  • Dr. Hermann Mückler, an expert on cultural and social anthropology with a focus on historical topics
  • Rubina Möhring, president of the Austrian section of “Reporters without Borders”
  • Dr. Anthony Löwstedt, media communications professor and advisor to ICDO
  • Tomislav Stipic, Partner and tax consultant at ARTUS
  • Anne-Marie Avramut, vice-president of the Eurasian Academy of Arts.

The Opening ceremony created an opportunity for the attendees to mingle with the speakers and participants alike, to discuss the various festivities of the day.