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Last fall ICDO gave life to the ambitious project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first part of the project brought together members of several high schools in order to engage in various activities created by ICDO. Our team engaged youth from all of the three ethnicities and minority groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and creativity. The main goal was to introduce new tools to educate young people, professors, and administrators of the schools about sensitive issues and we will continue to do that through innovative methods such as a symposium, workshops, art, and more.

The students and teachers were introduced to the “ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook” which presented new ideas on various elements of cultural diversity. The Handbook gave the participants an overview of such important aspects as subcultures, ethnicity, race, different types of diversities, stereotypes, challenges to cultural diversity and more!

ICDO kicked off the workshops with multiple icebreakers that helped the participants in getting to know each other and becoming more familiar with different cultures. Several entertaining activities gave the participants the opportunity to exchange and share their experience and skills.

In order to continue nurturing a more enjoyable atmosphere, ICDO is planning to create an art exhibition, with help of professionals from various fields of expertise.

A symposium with professional speakers, both local and international, is going to be one of the highlights of the project. Multiple experts from the United Nations and partnering universities will present their ideas on different topics during the symposium. The online platform will be created in order to encourage interaction between different schools, students, and teachers.

ICDO is going to exhibit the best art from the schools’ students. The exhibitions will showcase multiple cultures and artistic traditions of different regions. The best works will be given the privilege of being exhibited at the United Nations. However, it is not the only contest that will be taking place. Another exciting part of the project will be an essay contest based on the information from the handbook and a chance to also be featured at the United Nations.

ICDO is pursuing future cooperation with different schools and organizations in order to expand the project and involve more participants. This long-term project is an important step towards promoting the diversity of cultural expressions and creativity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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