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“Suoni dal Golfo” Press Conference, Rome, Italy

By October 23, 2017May 23rd, 2020Home page news, News

The “Suoni Dal Golfo” festival was announced by the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) together with the founders of the Orchestra Excellence, Gianluca Marciano and Max… Novikov, at an international press conference in Rome at the Centro Russo di Scienza e Cultura.The one day event brought together representatives of Liguria and Lega Navale, parliament members, Ms. Josipa Palac the CEO of ICDO, as well as, representatives of the international press.

The press conference revolved around questions about how the festival can help emerging musicians promote their talent and combat the issues of being dependent on renowned record labels. The press conference also analyzed the opportunities and barriers for the young musicians in the music industry and beyond.

In the opening session, Gianluca Marciano and Max Novikov elucidated the current struggle of the young musicals in terms of success: “It is very problematic for many young musicians to succeed in their music career. The common key to success is the connection which the musicians have with big labels. Many only succeed at a very late stage of their lives and therefore we would like to help them promote themselves at the earlier stage with the help of ‘Orchestra Excellence”, as well as to have fair and transparent rights to the music market.

The CEO of ICDO, Josipa Palac, addressed cultural and diversity aspects of the festival and announced workshops which will take place in Lerici from 29 August and 2 September 2017. “The Orchestra excellence and ICDO will jointly show how unity can start with music and how music can go beyond diversity, and diversity beyond music, and how the two can create a strong foundation for further intercultural exchange”, Palac explained.

As a part of the festival, ICDO will also organize a symposium, ‘Music, Diversity and Diplomacy”, in cooperation with Euro Mediterranean Music Academy (EMMA) for Peace and UNESCO Italy Youth Committee President, Paolo Petrocelli, and with Cristel Carrisi Luksic, the Ambassador of ICDO, in order to promote deeper understandings of cultural diversity.

The Mayor of Lerici, Mr. Leonardo Paoletti Sindaco, informed the audience that the concept is also a great opportunity for the cultural heritage of Lerici to be rediscovered.