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Marriage: Outcome of love or force?

By Diversity Speaks
Image by UNICEF By ICDO Member – Lizaveta Vozjakova, From Russia with Love. Is marriage an outcome of love or force? Have you ever thought about how many underage girls are forced into marriages? It’s fine if you didn’t since in some countries it is less practised or completely unheard of. Others don’t JUST think about child marriages, they LIVE out these atrocities on a daily basis. In today’s world with the constant fight for gender equality, elimination of misrepresentation, and human rights, there are a lot of silenced issues.…
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By Projects
October 26 Bridging Diversity: Education Location: Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina Activities: Educational Workshops On the 26th of October 2018, ICDO launched the first phase of the long-term social and development project "Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina" in Trebinje, with the goal of development of cultural interaction between youth from three ethnicities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. OBJECTIVE: Foster intercultural dialogue and provide a platform for freedom of expression and open communication between youth from three ethnicities im post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina through specifically tailored workshops and training KEY STAKEHOLDERS: Youth from…
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