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  Bridging Diversity: Art and Expression April 16, 2019 Bridging Diversity: Art and Expression Location: United Nations Headquarters, Vienna International Centre In the third phase of "Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina" ICDO organized a two-week art exhibition in the UN Headquarters in Vienna. OBJECTIVE: Foster intercultural dialogue and provide a platform for freedom of expression and open communication. KEY STAKEHOLDERS: Youth from all three ethnicities (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), government officials, representatives from international organizations, students, educators and policymakers. In collaboration with the VIC Art Club and its chairman Raymond Nader,...
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Bridging Diversity: Education

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October 26 Bridging Diversity: Education Location: Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina Activities: Educational Workshops On the 26th of October 2018, ICDO launched the first phase of the long-term social and development project "Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina" in Trebinje, with the goal of development of cultural interaction between youth from three ethnicities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Bridging Diversity: Education" engaged youth from three schools in Jablanica, Grude and Trebinje, in order to promote understanding of cultural distinctiveness and expression while encouraging intercultural relations. ICDO’s specifically tailored two-day workshops offered training on...
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