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Businesses worldwide are the main drivers of economy and have an immense impact on society, environment, diversity, and biodiversity. We at ICDO believe that each person can change the world and in the same way a single company big or small can have and create a significant impact to better the world – ask us how

ICDO gathered industry professionals and experts to collaborate and design a new way – a sustanable way – of doing business so that all companies around the world have the opportunity to benefit people, benefit the planet and increase companies productivity and profit.



We believe that corporations have a responsibility not only to embrace environmentally and socially responsible business practices, but to invest in the conservation of the nature their businesses depend upon.

We work within and across sectors, in collaboration with companies and industry associations, to achieve large-scale impact, to align the market with environmentally friendly policies, and to help businesses adopt more sustainable production practices.

Our corporate engagements enable businesses to undertake 4 critical steps: