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Norlito Meimban


Norlie Meimban was graduated in University of the Philippines Fine Art with major in painting; the canvas had always been his irreplaceable passion. He joined competitions and was recognized by Metrobank Foundation Art Competition three times, in 1989 as honorable mention, in 1993 he won third place and 1996 another honorable mention and thus qualifying him to be a member of NOW which stands for “network of winners” from Metrobank’s roster of past winners. He also won in GSIS art competition, Juror Choice, 2009. Last 2017 he receive an award as immerging soul in Hongkong. To date Norlie has countless group shows,  in Seattle  Washington, Oakland California and New York and 18 solo exhibits in Pasig Museum, Rico Renzo, White box, Ysobel Gallery, Artes Oreintes, Art Elements, Big and Small gallery, Pinto Art Museum, Secret Fresh And Space Encounter Gallery, many other respectable art galleries. His forte consists of figurative works with color and monochrome with his favorite subject matter people, specifically children as he continues to hone and perfect his craft, he manages to come up with fresh innovative ideas to add more dimension to his painting. Norlie Meimban worked as an artist in animation for many years in the United States.  Ani-motion his latest and 12th solo show at Ysobel Gallery showcases his graphic paintings creatively rooted in this visual game and field where he fully immersed in.  Meimban puts together a polished mash between animation and painting turned into a legible whole but verily reveals the peculiarly graphic lexicon and panache of animation which bears both its craft and art.  These figurative paintings are distinctly characterized by clean lines, expressive qualities and sensibilities of the human form which overtly show Meimban’s background in drawing and technical command in figurative art.  Mostly, these are sequences of images that create an internal narrative, or it could be another focal image with reconstruction of its motion giving them more lively presence on canvas.  Images were stringed into various poses showing incremental movements in crisp corporeal rhythms like a time lapse video in a single surface.