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Who we are

Meet our team.

About us

ICDO was established in Vienna, Austria by two eminent professionals, with international working experience in International Relations, Intergovernmental Organizations and International Corporations, willing to take action, use their experience and close the cultural gap between people through research, workshops, events, social and development projects.

Their vision was recognized and supported by prominent professionals in the field, benefactors, institutions, organizations, governments, professionals from different backgrounds ranging from business development, finance, project and event management, art, design, etc. as well as their fellow Webster University and University of Vienna Alumni which contributed to realization of ICDOs projects and objectives. We will continue working together for a better, more diverse, future.

Executive Committee

Josipa Palac

President and CEO

Josipa Palac has had a heart for social impact since she was a young girl. Growing up in a family that opened its doors to help those in need, she saw first-hand the positive impact helping others brings. This ignited in her a passion to get involved with social change and to draw attention to problems in the ...

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Toni Pehar

Treasurer and CFO

Toni Pehar, is a co-founder of ICDO and holds a responsibility of a Treasury and Chief Financial Officer, oversees finance and accounting, financial planning and analysis, strategic planning, funds, grants, development and contracts management, and several special initiatives. Closely collaborates...

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Advisers to the Executive Committee and Ambassadors

ICDO is fortunate to have support, advice, wisdom and experience from highly eminent professionals that devoted their time and efforts to make us stronger.

Prof. Mag. Dr. Hermann Mückler

Adviser to the Executive Committee

Born in Vienna of Austrian-Moravian ancestry, Hermann Mückler studied cultural anthropology, (ethno-)history and political science at the University of Vienna. He is Professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at this university with a focus on historical topics,...

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Dr. Anthony Löwstedt

Adviser to the Executive Committee

Dr. Anthony Löwstedt worked at the International Press Institute in Vienna from 1994 to 2005 with press freedom- and media monitoring-related human rights work incl. research, documentation, publications, and consultation. He organized, contributed, and attended ...

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Prof. Dr. Sonjah N. Stanley Niaah

Adviser to the Executive Committee

Sonjah Stanley Niaah is a Jamaican scholar, cultural activist, writer, and international speaker. She is the first Ph.D. Cultural Studies graduate from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the first to be appointed Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies there.

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Cristel Carrisi Lukšić


Born in a spotlight and having Mother Teresa of Calcutta as her godmother on baptism, Cristel was raised in a family of strong musical and theatrical heritage, daughter of singers Al Bano and Romina Power, Cristel has worked in the entertainment industry since her teenage years...

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Ana Girault


Born and raised in Mexico. From a young age, curiosity led her to explore the modelling world and the diversity within it. She studied a BA in Communications at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. For a period of her life, she lived in two multicultural cities in the...

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Alberto Nodale


Mr Austria 2017 - Alberto Nodale is half Austrian, half Philippino. He graduated from high school in Vienna, where he also grew up. He then moved to Wieselburg to study at the campus Wieselburg of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. There he completed his bachelor and ...

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Norlito Meimban


Norlie Meimban was graduated in University of the Philippines Fine Art with major in painting; the canvas had always been his irreplaceable passion. He joined competitions and was recognized by Metrobank Foundation Art Competition three times,...

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Jessica Fernández


Jessica Fernández is a social entrepreneur, content creator, feminist activist, a 23-year-old speaker who is considered today; one of the 50 more women ITESM influencers nationwide. She is Honorary Ambassador on ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project in Quintana Roo, Mexico ...

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Farid Dieck


Farid Dieck is a content creator and social entrepreneur from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and is Honorary Ambassador on ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Today, Farid has more than 4 million followers, and has appeared in more ...

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Celine Schrenk


We are pleased to announce that Celine Schrenk - Miss Austria 2017, and contestant of Miss Universe, joins ICDO as a new Ambassador starting from 2018 in order to promote cultural diversity and help eliminate cultural gaps and #safeguarddiversity. Having a mix cultural background ...

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Global Development Team

It is our ICDO Global Development Team that makes it all possible. Their diverse experience, drive, commitment, and motivation are invaluable to making ICDO a leading NGO that fights for equality, diversity, economic and social development, and crucial role of diversity in the world and society as a whole.

Iva Pehar

Art Director

Iva Pehar, holds a position of an Art Director at ICDO. Iva’s design and creativeness played a crucial role in expressing ICDOs spirit and its logo. In addition to being a creative mind behind ICDO, she works as an interior designer in her own firm. Her expertise ...

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Monika Zarucka

Public Information & Communications Director

Monika Zarucka is a public relations graduate who has studied communications, media, business, content production and who holds mainly experience in writing communications strategies, reports and technical documentation. She also has numerous years of experience in designing ...

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Evgeny Denisov

Communications and Multimedia Specialist

Evgeny Denisov, preferably just Jack, is a journalist with a background in different forms of media and international relations. His particular field of interest lies in environmental degradation and climate change, especially the potential impacts they will have on our society in the coming decades ...

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Lizette Navarro

Project Management Specialist

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ICDO Interns

The ICDO Interns are invaluable members that help improve ICDO in many ways. From assisting our Executive Committee and Global Development Team in their work, to offering their personal expertise for various projects, the interns help achieve all the ambitious goals of the organization.

Nina Vukoslavcevic

Administrative Assistant

Ximena Vega

Administrative Assistant

Besjana Rrahmani

Administrative Assistant

ICDO Mission

The mission and goal of ICDO is the promotion of cultural diversity, inclusivity, interculturalism, human rights, as well as raising awareness of different cultural expressions and their values with the aim of fostering cultural interaction in order to bring people together and bridge cultural gaps. In addition, ICDO acts, promotes and conserves biodiversity, environment, and sustainability for the wellbeing of humanity.



We believe that cultural diversity makes society stronger in every aspect. The world needs diversity and all the positivity that comes out of it to ensure social, economic advances and to enhance society as a whole.

We will do our best to cherish and respect each culture, religion, views, language and all that comprises an individual in order to preserve the diversity in the world and make it better. This cause is worth fighting for as there would not be diversity without each one of us. That makes us unique and worth protecting. ICDO’s philosophy is to recognize the individuals and provide them with tools, knowledge and a voice.

We believe that people’s diversity is what makes them truly connected and united. Only while embracing diversity we can make progress.

What do people say about us

Paolo UrbinaConductor

It gave the musicians the opportunity to create something beautiful that represented them individually but also united them.

Lone MadsenClassical Clarinettist

Differences are not bad, they just make life more interesting. Best to try to be open-minded, you don’t always have to agree with someone else's opinion but best to be able to listen to other opinions as you may learn something new. People are often frightened of what they don’t know.

Josipa PalacPresident of ICDO

ICDO, and this symposium stand to showcase how diversity can actually help in shaping societies in the future towards progress.

Miriam PrandiCellist

Everyone brings their own tradition, their own 'school' and experience, their own instinct and manners and at the end this affects also the art and the music you are playing.

Arut Melkonyan

I believe it is important for each human being to learn more about this topic. Through the workshop, we realised that we live in such a culturally diverse world and it is in others and our best interest to promote cultural diversity and encourage other people to believe so.

Monika ZaruckaPublic Information Director

As an NGO, we believe that these types of activities can make a difference in people’s lives by reinforcing the individual’s development and self-confidence.

“My childhood dream of saving the Amazon rainforest is still not accomplished but my dream of connecting people and rising above their differences for a greater cause stayed the same.”

Josipa Palac, CEO