What we do

To be able to accept those different from us is to truly understand humanity.

Conveying the message

ICDO promotes the message of cultural equality and importance of cultural diversity. We strive to mix cultures and show all the benefits that diversity brings to the society as a whole.


We educate

People about cultures and differences as well as to organize workshops to educate people in certain crafts (skills, knowledge) that will help them to develop and provide more opportunities in their future.

Before all,

We Promote

The message that no one should be inferior but equal in every society, therefore we support multiculturalism and any form of diversity as an enhancing factor of society.


We support

Presenting how migrants contribute to society in order to change the overall perception of migrants as "takers" and to give them a new role as "contributors". Organizing projects with diverse migrants as contributors guest speakers and to describe their life path so other can learn from example.

Before all,

We inform

Migrants on diversities in societies, local culture and educate local population on migrants’ culture.


We Raise Awareness

On the cultural values migrants bring that will or can enrich the host culture

Before all,

We monitor goverment policies

That are implemented, for their impact on cultures and societies, while communicating them to the public.


We Endorse Development

Toward ensuring economic and social development, and the impact that diversity has on those and other aspects.

Before all,

We Research

The impact of diversity on economy, and social life in different parts of the world.