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Evgeny Denisov, Communications and Multimedia Specialist

Global Development Team

Evgeny Denisov, preferably just Jack, is a journalist with a background in different forms of media and international relations. His particular field of interest lies in environmental degradation and climate change, especially the potential impacts they will have on our society in the coming decades. Having been a part of the international community since his childhood, Jack appreciates the importance that multiculturalism plays in contemporary global society and the benefits it offers.

Jack has only recently completed his Masters at the University of Edinburgh. He hopes to use his experience in social media, journalism, and content creation, to assist ICDO with their mission of spreading cultural awareness and tolerance. Uniting his passion regarding environmental degradation with his knowledge of international political landscape, he wishes to further ICDO’s goals while keeping the emerging obstacles in mind.

His other hobbies range from board and videogames, to creative writing and fiddling with computers. He also cares for an adorable and lively Norwich Terrier.