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Jessica Fernández


Jessica Fernández is a social entrepreneur, content creator, feminist activist, a 23-year-old speaker who is considered today; one of the 50 more women ITESM influencers nationwide.

She is Honorary Ambassador on ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project in Quintana Roo, Mexico and is actively involved in supporting ICDO’s #MayaVoice Mexico Healthcare Relief COVID-19 that will help endangered indigenous Maya people fight COVID-19. Jessica has been a volunteer and missionary in different parts of Mexico and Africa. She is founder of Give Hope Mexico, a project that supports an orphanage in Kenya, Africa.

She daily shares positive content about feminism, empowerment and self-love inviting people to be the change they want to see in society, impacting more than 185,000 followers. She has also given lectures around Mexico and the United States, where she discussed her experiences in social entrepreneurship and reflected on the use of social networks and the empowerment of women.