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Prof. Mag. Dr. Hermann Mückler

Born in Vienna of Austrian-­Moravian ancestry, Hermann Mückler studied cultural anthropology, (ethno-­) history and political science at the University of Vienna. He is Professor of Cultural and Social Anthropology at this university with a focus on historical topics, colonialism, decolonization, and forms of neo-colonialism, peace and conflict studies as well as popular culture. He focuses regionally on Oceania, Australia and island Southeast Asia.

He is president of the Anthropological Society in Vienna and the Federation of all Austrian-­Foreign Societies PaN, second chairman of the Society for European Overseas History, founder of the Austrian-­South Pacific Society and co-­founder of the Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture (IVA-­ICRA). He has published 28 books as author and (co)editor; among them an encyclopedia about missionaries in the Pacific Islands, a four volume general introduction into the study of the Pacific Islands, case studies about Rapa Nui, the Marshall Islands, Nauru and Fiji; as well as books on tradition and traditionalism, conflict resolution, globalization, and architecture.