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Diversity Around the World

Date & Time: September 12th, 18:00PM CEST

During one day of the Long Nights of Interculturality, ICDO will showcase documentaries nominated by esteemed Embassies in Vienna, cultural institutions and independent directors on our YouTube channel. The aim of “Diversity Around the World” documentaries is to showcase rich cultural and biological diversity of countries participating.

List of Documentaries


Lessons for a Changed World: The Legacy of the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, 12:00 PM CEST

Director: Arnold Arre;
Location: The Philippines;
Year: 2021

Uprooted, 13:00 PM CEST

Director: Hagop Goudsouzian;
Location: Armenia;
Year: 2016

Super-able, 15:00 PM CEST

Director: Arjanmar H. Rebeta
Location: The Philippines
Year: 2021

Armenian Minstrels, 16:00 PM CEST

Director: Hagop Goudsouzian
Location: Armenia
Year: 2011

Vall del Madriu - Perafita-Claror, World Heritage, 17:00 PM CEST

Director: Àlex Tena and Jaume Riba
Location: Vall del Madriu - Perafita-Claror, Andorra
Year: 2014

Untold story of Fatma Kayaci, 18:00 PM CEST

Director: Orhan Tekeoglu
Location: Turkey

Cita con la trocha, 19:00 PM CEST

Director: Rubén Mendoza
Location: Colombia
Year: 2018

Un Orgullo para Costa Rica y El Mundo , 20:00 PM CEST

Director: Luis Bruzón Delgado
Location: Finca 6, Batambal, El Silencio and Grijalba 2, Costa Rica
Year: 2020

Todo es un fragmento, 21:00 PM CEST

Director: Carlos Osuna y Carolina Ortiz Triana
Location: Cauca, Colombia
Year: 2018

Waak an Danz, 22:00 PM CEST

Director: Esteban Richmond
Location: Limón, Costa Rica
Year: 2014 - 2020