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Ellen Faye Adams, Creative Program Coordinator

Global Development Team

Ellen Adams is a current 2018 graduate from Webster Vienna Private University, with degrees in Media Communications and Management. She comes from Connecticut, USA. As Creative Events Coordinator and Design, Ellen manages project campaign communications, creative events, and is responsible for ICDO’s video production.

Her individual experience abroad includes a journalistic project in Ghana, West Africa, in which she and her team focused on Arts and Culture in Ghana, highlighting and promoting the creative expression of culture both historical and contemporary.

She has a passion for art and has experience organizing creative events, Having run Art After Dark Wien. Her after-hours art exhibition provides a platform for artists young an old from all over the world to have a voice, be it through painting, drawing, sculpture, video, music, poetry and performance.

All of her efforts in her career and creative life have culminated in her work with ICDO through highlighting the accomplishments of those in need of representation.