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Transforming Lives of 500 Maya Women in Mexico

ICDO Development Hub

By establishing a Development Hub in Yucatan ICDO empowers indigenous Maya women and girls with resources, training and counseling to boost their potential and secure long-term betterment. Being Maya comes with centuries of values-but also systemic stigma.


Provide indigenous Maya women and girls with resources to continue their education, get legal and psychological counseling, access to internet and computers, gain new skillset, and increase employment rates and decrease rates of domestic violence, school drop outs and poverty.


Maya girls are likely to abandon their studies after 6.2 years, being called to sustain their family. COVID-19 has forced dozens of Maya women back to their communities, where less than half have internet coverage. Their enormous potential, education and lives are put on hold while the pandemic continues – and who knows for how long. The crash of the informal economy, on which many women relied on, and school closures require Maya women to reinvent their lives, but many are lacking the means.


Empowerment and education are crucial ladders for rural Maya women and girls to climb out of poverty and inequality. Donations to ICDO’s Development Hub contribute to a brighter future for 500 indigenous Maya girls and women, by giving them resources to continue their education, establish and develop their businesses, and add to their livelihoods. Together with local partners, we will provide counseling, training and workshops that will transform indigenous Maya women into leaders of tomorrow.

Long-Term Impact

ICDO’s Development Hub will transform 500 Maya women into future leaders. Your contribution will support their growth, the continuation of their education, the acquisition of skills, and the provision of help in case of violence. The Hub will improve financial stability, will decrease unemployment rates, ensure that human rights are respected and that the exploitation and misrepresentation of Maya women is not perpetrated. The Development Hub will be a place where ideas and goals take life.