Gala Dinner

ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an:
Following the Maya Voice’ - Phase I

The first phase of the project concluded with the Gala Dinner at Casa Xixim, where ICDO gathered all those whose impressions of the events will echo worldwide, retelling the stories of the Maya and amplifying their voices.

preservation of Maya culture, language & art

environmental sustainability


Ms. Josipa Palac, President of ICDO and Mr. Toni Pehar, ICDO CFO opened the event by presenting the project, its goals and highlighting the most important messages sent by more than 60 participants of the project from more than 20 different communities.

The Gala Dinner gathered many influential people who have the platforms necessary to retell the stories of the Maya people and echo their voices both locally and internationally.

The Tihorappers Crew, a Maya youth group and participants of ICDO’s ‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ project, jollified the guests by performing  a traditional Maya ritual and singing in Maya, emphasizing the importance of preserving their culture and traditions.

ICDO would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all those who supported the project and will continue to do so in the following phases, particularly Representative of Tulum Municipality Mrs. Erika Moreno Calderon, Representatives of Solidaridad Municipality Mr. Alfredo Paz Cetina and Mr. Juan Carlos Beristain Navarrete, Director for Indigenous Communities Issues Mr. Quetzal Tzab Gonzalez and Representative of Uxuxubí Community Mr. Miguel Angel Pani Can. 

During the preparations for the Gala Dinner, the ICDO team spent a few days with its two Honorary Ambassadors on the project in the beautiful Casa Xixim: a private, self-sustaining paradise where environmental consciousness and tradition meet. It is a place that sends a strong message of an ecological sense of rightness.

Visibility is a crucial aspect and one of the long-term goals of the project and we are proud to present two young and socially conscious opinion leaders, who joined ICDO in empowering the voices of the Maya.

Farid Dieck Kattas is ICDO’s Honorary Ambassador who moderated the Gala Dinner on 26th of January.

Farid is a content creator and social entrepreneur from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

He initiated several social projects seeking to make a positive impact on society. He is also a co-founder of the creative agency Porciento dedicated to the creation of digital content. Today, Farid has more than 4 million followers, and has appeared in more than 12 countries in America and Europe to share his message in the hope of positively impacting people.

The other ICDO Honorary Ambassador is Jessica Fernandez Garcia, who moderated the Art Exhibition in Teatro de la Ciudad Solidaridad.

Jessica is a 23-year-old social entrepreneur, content creator, feminist activist, and conference speaker. She has been a volunteer and missionary in different parts of Mexico and Africa.

She is the founder of Give Hope Mexico, a project that supports an orphanage in Kenya. Jessica shares daily positive content about feminism, empowerment, and self-love, inviting people to be the change they want to see in society, impacting more than 185 thousand followers.

ICDO is delighted to work with two such young and innovative opinion leaders who are shaping the world for the better and giving their platforms for Maya voices to be heard.

Guests enjoyed a delicious Mexican-Meditarrenean fusion dinner, prepared by Iva Pehar, ICDO Art Director and Masterchef Croatia winner with assistance of two local Maya chefs.