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Florinda Sosa Castillo is a professor of Maya Language and Culture at UIMQRoo. She lives a peaceful life in the La Presumida community in Quintana Roo with her family.

She was teaching Spanish her whole life, but after she retired in 2009 she decided to follow her true passion and become a teacher of the Maya language. She says the easiest way to teach her students is by using  songs they learn in primary school.

Professor Sosa didn’t learn Maya in her family; it came later in life, through her studies and work. She says her children don’t speak Maya very well and that they regret it – as does she

She emphasizes that in the past, there were many examples where  women were not allowed to study by their parents. At the time it was common for parents to  say that the wife has to be taken care of by her husband and that the woman’s role is to be a housewife. Florinda  says that it took a lot of hard work to become a teacher.

“We as teachers have a commitment. I always say to my students: You are the future, not me. And it depends on you that the Maya language is taught and that it continues to be spoken.”