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Obagi Announces Partnership with Down Syndrome Advocate, Grace Strobel, as new SKINCLUSION Ambassador and Face of New Obagi Clinical Cleanser

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Forbes: “Priyanka Chopra Wants Everyone To Talk About Diversity “

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People: “Priyanka Chopra Partners With Skin Care Brand Obagi for an Empowering New Campaign”

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PEOPLE.com: “Priyanka Chopra Partners With Skin Care Brand Obagi for an Empowering New Campaign”

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Allure: “Priyanka Chopra Is the New Face of Obagi Skin Care”

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The American Bazaar: “Priyanka Chopra joins global skin care brand Obagi, talks about diversity in beauty”

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Harper’s Bazaar: “Priyanka Chopra launches new campaign championing skin inclusivity”

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Yahoo News: “Priyanka Chopra champions skincare inclusivity with Obagi”

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PR Newswire: “Obagi and Priyanka Chopra Jonas Launch Global SKINCLUSION™ Initiative to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion”

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OTS.at: “Obagi® und Priyanka Chopra Jonas starten die globale Initiative SKINCLUSION(TM) zur Förderung von kultureller Vielfalt und Einbeziehung”

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LAVANGUARDIA: “COMUNICADO: Obagi® y Priyanka Chopra Jonas lanzan la iniciativa global SKINCLUSION(TM) para celebrar la diversidad y la inclusión”

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FashionNetwork: “Priyanka Chopra champions skincare inclusivity with Obagi”

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DAYSPA Magazine: “Obagi and Priyanka Chopra Jonas Launch SKINCLUSION”

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ICDO, #SKINCLUSION and the revolutionary path we’re on

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By Elena Ruzic Diversity is an intersectional issue, covering multiple areas of society. To champion and safeguard diversity is to amplify the voices of marginalized groups - people excluded because of their differences from what is considered “normal” (ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual and romantic orientation, economic status, etc.). ICDO’s mission is to foster change in the current social landscape, so that we can move towards a diverse and inclusive society. We are part of the #SKINCLUSION campaign because it is a forerunner of that change. By showing via research that…

#SKINCLUSION Initiative: One Year Later Supporting ICDO’s Worldwide Projects to Promote Inclusion and Diversity

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It is one year since the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) began its partnership with OBAGI Medical on the Global Initiative #SKINCLUSION with the actor - Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Global Ambassador of the campaign.

Yahoo Finance: Obagi President Jaime Castle Recognized for Excellence in Leading Diversity and Inclusion by International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO); Named for Leadership by PM360’s Imagination Award

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