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perspectives. diversity. art.

ICDO’s art exhibition, ‘Perspectives. Diversity. Art.’ featured 16 prominent international artists as part of the Long Nights of Interculturality 2018.

September 8

“Perspectives. Diversity. Art.”

Yunus Emre Institute in Vienna

ICDO’s art exhibition, ‘Perspectives. Diversity. Art.’ at the Yunus Emre Institute presented a diverse range of artists transmitting their messages about cultural diversity through their artwork.

The exhibition featured independent artists and artists nominated by the esteemed Embassies and Cultural Centers in Vienna, VIC Art Club, the Eurasian Academy of Arts, and the Latin American Institute.

Workshops with traditional Turkish Coffee and aperitifs introduced the patrons to Turkish cuisine, while traditional Turkish Ebru Watercolor Marbling Workshops offered participants a fun and novel method to experience a new culture.

we thank following artists:

Dr. Leyla Mahat, Kazakhstan
Andrey Ostashov, Belorussia
Dr. Agnes Joska
Ferdi Bulut, Macedonia
Darko Taleski, Macedonia
Natascha Renner, Russia
Karine Fauchard, France
Ines Rodrigues Fuentes, Spain
Lidia Molinski, Poland
Mag. Catherine Sica, Germany
Ferche Octav, Romania
Antonio Zapata, Colombia
Alejandro Guzman, Colombia
Reza Noori, Iran
Bettina Schulke, Austria
Andrea Mejia Rocha, Nicaragua