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art. sustainability. peace.

On September 8th, 2021 ICDO opened a virtual art exhibition “Art. Sustainability. Peace.” featuring 23 internationally renowned artists from 11 countries around the globe who conveyed the message of rekindling with nature and our environment using their art as a medium.

September 7

‘Art. Sustainability. Peace.’ Virtual Art Exhibition


Edward Burtynsky, one of the most renowned contemporary photographers stated: “If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves….[we] come from nature.There is an importance to [having] a certain reverence for what nature is because we are connected to it….” 

Imagine that polluted streams could be a source of paint, and plastic bags and other waste materials could be used as components for artworks. ICDO is very proud to present artists who have done just that through their extraordinary sustainable art. Activist and environmentalist John Sabraw has created paint and paintings from iron oxide that is extracted from polluted streams, Saule Suleimenova uses plastic bags in her work and both Kristoffer Ardeña and Oscar Crabb re-use materials that they can find in their immediate environment. The art pieces of all these artists are produced in an eco conscious manner, in harmony with the key principles of sustainability. ICDO is also delighted to host the work of the previously quoted Edward Burtynsky, whose predominant work theme is ‘nature transformed through industry’. His images are meant as metaphors to the dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear. The works of Sarvinoz Kasymova and Umida Ahmedova capture ecological disasters and portray the tragedy of human beings through the destruction of nature.

Do you think hackers can challenge and change a system to make it work differently and function according to different parameters? The contemporary urban artist Claude Chandler has been fascinated by this question since he was a little boy sweeping through the crowd in his batman suit. On the other hand, Palestinian and South African artists Thabiso Dakamela, Bashir Qonqar and Cornè Theron focus their work on the theme of ‘human relationships’. Dakamela’s haiku revolves around the idea of understanding ourselves individually before we can achieve collective consciousness of equality, inclusion and sustainability. Vienna based Palestinian artist Qonqar centers his work around the topic of taboos and collective behaviours in societies, and Theron’s work explores the personal and universal relationships of people as conscious and subconscious beings. The center of her art expression is colour that keeps or changes its character, depending on the context.

The artists Polina Goduyko, Andrew Ntshabele, Maria Lenivkina, Usevalad Sventakhouski and Dr. Ekaterina Kenigsberguse use their work to raise awareness about extremely important and pressing challenges humanity is facing as a whole. Goduyko uses her art to express the issue of biodiversity loss and Ntshabele highlights the negative effects of rapid urbanization in Johannesburg. Ukrainian artist Lenivkina uses her art to promote the expansion of multiculturalism as a bearer of history, life experiences and wisdom and Belarus artist Dr. Kenigsberguse’s art expresses the need to create an understanding about cultural diversity. Furkat Bozorov and Rovshen Akiniyazov both promote cultural diversity through  photographs of the traditional side of their country – Turkmenistan – capturing its beauty and uniqueness for future generations.

The works of South African artists Jamie Danielle Smith and Riaan van Zyl play with the concept of “here and now of life” and how this can be perceived differently over different periods of time. “Art. Sustainability. Peace” brings the audience fusion of sustainable art and augmented reality. Filipino animation artist Norlie Meimban, involved in the creation of cartoons like Scooby Doo explains his artworks as an object that didn’t end in tras and instead it became a part of a grander moment through his art. A collaboration between Colombian multidisciplinary artist Sergio Mantilla Soler and industrial designer/artist Miguel Chaparro Alvis created the interactive UNIBIRDS visual art installation to unveil Colombia’s biodiversity through birds. 

“Although ICDO has extensive experience in curating art exhibitions around the world, this new, virtual approach provided us with an opportunity to offer something innovative to our audience. I am extremely happy that this year we have a chance to collaborate with 22 artists from 12 countries around the world, exhibiting their sustainable art and sending a message of peace and living in harmony with nature and our planet.” Josipa Palac, ICDO President.

icdo thanks embassies, cultural institutions and art galleries:

The Embassy of Colombia to Austria, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, The Embassy of Philippines to Austria, The Embassy of Belarus to Austria, The Embassy of South Africa to Austria, The Permanent Mission of Palestine to Austria, Yunus Emre Institute in Vienna, KultEurasia and The Traveling Art Gallery.
  • Edward Burtynsky, Canada
  • John Sabraw, the USA
  • Bashir Qonqar, Palestine
  • Kristoffer Ardeña, the Philippines
  • Furkat Bozorov, Uzbekistan
  • Rovshen Akiniyazov, Turkmenistan
  • Sarvinoz Kasymova, Uzbekistan
  • Saule Suleimenova, Kazakhstan
  • Umida Ahmedova, Uzbekistan
  • Maria Lenivkina, Ukraine
  • Dr. Ekaterina Kenigsberg, Belarus
  • Polina Goduyko, Belarus
  • Usevalad Sventakhouski, Belarus
  • Andrew Ntshabele, South Africa
  • Claude Chandler, South Africa
  • Corne Theron, South Africa
  • Jaime Danielle Smith, South Africa
  • Riaan van Zyl, South Africa
  • Thabiso Dakamela, South Africa
  • Oscar Crabb, the United Kingdom
  • Mahmut Ozdemir, Turkey
  • Mehmet Babat, Turkey
  • Norlie Meimban, the Philippines