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azerbaijani night

On September 2, ICDO hosted a night dedicated to celebration of Azerbaijani culture, music, art and food held at the Azerbaijani Cultural Center in Vienna.

September 2

Art Installation & Dancing Performance

Azerbaijani Cultural Center in Vienna

The event was inaugurated by Ms. Leyla Gasimova, the head of the Azerbaijani Cultural Center, and Ms. Josipa Palac, President of ICDO, who both emphasized the value of contributions to projects such as the Long Nights of Interculturality and importance of open dialogue. 

Renowned Azerbaijani artist and sculptor Elvin Nabizade presented his video installation titled “Lost Land”, whose “dark and existentially provoking imagery” inspired conversations. 

A documentary “Under the Same Sun” about the lifestyles of different ethnic groups in Azerbaijan showcased the high diversity in the country. 

Visitors enjoyed traditional Azerbaijani dances such as Qarabagh, Naz Eleme, Agh Chicheyim and Sari Gelin, performed by the soloists of the Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble, who flew from Baku to participate in the Long Nights of Interculturality.

The guests enjoyed traditional Azerbaijani cuisine prepared by the local chefs.

We would like to thank Azerbaijani Cultural Center in Vienna for such a splendid event and Azerbaijani media for covering the Long Nights of Interculturality!