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vip fundraising gala dinner

ICDO's VIP Fundraising Gala Dinner was hosted in Palais Wertheim on the 5th of September 2019, with an emphasis on ICDO’s partnerships, networking opportunities, the future, celebration, and music.

September 5

VIP Fundraising Gala Dinner

Palais Wertheim, Vienna

The event was opened with a welcoming speeches of Josipa Palac – ICDO President, and Toni Pehar – ICDO Treasurer, who presented extensive plans and future social and development projects worldwide.

During the welcoming drinks and appetizers, guests enjoyed Kyrgyzstan’s traditional performance.

The program was enriched with musical performances of famous Azerbaijani pianist Abuzar Manafzade and vocalist Karen Danger, followed by the Indian Bollywood performance.

“ICDO Annual Excellence Award” was given to Jaime Castle, President of Obagi Medical, a women-led global skincare brand.

“I am honored and humbled to accept this prestigious award from ICDO, an organization that has made a significant impact around the world providing communities with the tools they need to address diversity and inclusion. Their leadership has been remarkable and Obagi is proud to be supporting them and working with their excellent team.”, she said in a video message.

The Gala Dinner was closed with a tombola, where the luckiest guests have gifted a painting donated by an anonymous collector and an exclusive photoshoot voucher with the talented photographer, Dina Lee.