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With the completion of the previous three phases of ‘Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina’ (Bridging Diversity: Education, Students’ Voices, Art & Expression), ICDO is preparing for the continuation of the project.

With the beginning of the next academic year, ICDO will be expanding the scope of the project and incorporating more institutions and participants while continuing to promote the inner-ethnic understanding for cultural distinctiveness while encouraging intercultural relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ICDO will advance the work with the three regional schools, Srednja škola Antuna Branka Simica, Srednja škola Trebinje, Srednja škola Jablanica, Academy of Fine Arts, and their students. The project will continue to showcase the benefits of cultural diversity through workshops, panel discussions and students’ self-reflection.

Part of the ICDO Team and BiH schools’ directors at United Nations.

The success of the first three phases of the project means ICDO can now expand the reach of ‘Bridging Diversity’ to new schools and Universities while building upon the acquired knowledge and experiences to offer more effective activities and events to encourage intercultural relations. As it does, the project will continue evolving and expanding based on the outcomes of future phases.

ICDO is excited to continue building relationships and nurturing youth’s motivation to learn about other cultures, as well as highlighting the beauty of the cultural expression and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Watch these videos for more information on Bridging Diversity: