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Bridging Diversity: Education

October 26

Bridging Diversity: Education

Location: Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Activities: Educational Workshops

On the 26th of October 2018, ICDO launched the first phase of the long-term social and development project “Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina” in Trebinje, with the goal of development of cultural interaction between youth from three ethnicities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

OBJECTIVE: Foster intercultural dialogue and provide a platform for freedom of expression and open communication between youth from three ethnicities im post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina through specifically tailored workshops and training

KEY STAKEHOLDERS: Youth from all three ethnicities (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), government officials, representatives from international organizations, students, educators and policymakers

“Bridging Diversity: Education” engaged youth from three schools in Jablanica, Grude and Trebinje, in order to promote understanding of cultural distinctiveness and expression while encouraging intercultural relations.

ICDO’s specifically tailored two-day workshops offered training on cultural diversity to over 60 young students and professionals with the help of a variety of tools, including ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook”.

The tailored workshops offered a hands-on approach and delivered impactful, positive, and lasting experiences by means of intercultural activities such as cultural mash-ups, case-study workshops, creative social media challenges, team-building, and problem-solving activities.

Students covered important topics such as media culture and bias, social media, identity, immigration, bicultural families, and education, with the goal of finding commonalities across cultural differences.

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“Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina would benefit so much if activities like these would be integrated for students. The activities that the ICDO team planned for them were fun, interactive, and they motivated students to express themselves. The topics discussed were modern, which students enjoyed. I was very pleased to see the students participating and having fun while learning.”

Mladen Leko, Director of Srednja skola Antuna Branka Simica, Grude

ICDO is excited to continue to connect and build relationships, to nurture the youth’s motivation to learn about other cultures, as well as highlight the beauty of the cultural expression and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through this ongoing project, ICDO will inspire interest and understanding of the importance of cultural diversity in an increasingly diverse world, using tools and language which resonate with these students.

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