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Hate speech should have no place in modern society, as it is a respectful dialogue that brings about the best kind of results. On May 4th, 2018, ICDO partnered with a diverse team of students from the Webster Vienna Private University to host a lecture and panel discussion supporting the “No Home for Hate” campaign. The campaign challenges hate speech online and in the real world, especially against women perceived as foreign here in Austria.

“No Home for Hate” will make the Austrian public more aware of online hate speech towards foreign women. We […] aim to inform and remind Austria that women living in this country can be of every ethnicity, religion and background and that hate speech has no place in our society.” – Balance Board Mission Statement.

Participants of the conference reading the brochure. 

Loren Sandoval, a member of the Balance Board, let us know her thoughts on the campaign:

“It’s very recent but I really hope we’ve been reaching a lot more people these last couple weeks in terms of social media… we are really trying to actively get it out there.”

To promote the campaign, ICDO has been using social media to cover vital topics like hate speech, racism, the changes in our communications with the rise of social media, and much more. With the efforts of the No Home for Hate campaign, ICDO and other actors are raising awareness of the issue and how to combat it in our daily lives, for a better social environment for everyone.