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‘Following the Maya Voice’ Art Workshops

José María Morelos, 15.-19. January – The mesmerizing story of Maya beliefs, language, traditions, cosmology and visions of the future is incorporated into the art installation, which was created by 33 Maya youth from 16 different communities together with ICDO Art Director Iva Pehar during ICDO Art Workshops..

‘Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice’ Art Installation represents a symbiosis of traditional and contemporary, which complement  each other in a sustainable synergy.

Every pair of hands brought a piece of their community, beliefs, dreams, plans for the future and messages they want to transmit to the world to this collaborative artwork.

White, black, red and yellow are the colors of humanity according to Maya cosmology, and painted on the wood found in the immediate region of José María Morelos, they represent how proud these youth are to be Maya.

Co-existing within white frames that represent a better understanding of other cultures and beliefs, all the Maya elements and the colors converge in a cycle, the new beginning, united into a perfect synergy.