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ICDO- Cultural Speed-dating and Mashup

By March 21, 2017December 8th, 2017Home page news, News

On the 28th of March, 2017 at 6pm – The International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) presents a cross-cultural workshop, “Cultural Speed Dating & Mashup”, to encourage cultural interaction…among migrants. This event will be held at the Webster Vienna Private University campus.

ICDO, the new NGO in town, initiated the concept of “Cultural Speed-Dating and Mashup”. The goal is to promote in an open atmosphere, diversity and raise awareness of different cultural expressions in order to encourage development of cultural interaction by bringing people closer together and closing cultural gaps.
The “Cultural Speed Dating” is envisioned as a meeting point for internationals and migrants from across the globe to exchange stories and initiate new cross-cultural relationships and communication. “ICDO is a freshly established NGO by Webster Alumni. The workshop aims to promote ICDO objectives and objectives that Webster University shares in its practice by encouraging international interaction for its students”, stated Josipa Palac, founder of ICDO.

According to Monika Zarucka, the Public Information and Communication Director, it is a new platform for like-minded people living in Vienna to get to know each other, exchange stories that could lead to building new friendships, challenge stereotypes and learn more about the cultural differences among us.

The international community will be involved in interactive activities that will enhance understanding of diversity and society.

In the first part of the workshop “Mashup”, participants will be divided into different groups based on their nationalities followed by questions which will break them up into different groups (questions will cover topics from cultural to personal). Towards the end of the first part of the interactive workshop there will be a surprise element, with a 15 minute pause for refreshments at halftime. Cultural Speed Dating part will follow, there will be 5 rounds with 5 specific topics for 2 minutes each. Two sets of chairs are set up around the beautiful atrium of Palais Wenkheim. The program will end with the participants sharing their own experiences and forge links to develop acceptance to cultural differences and eliminate cultural gaps.

Every individual has a culture of some sort.  Whether it’s the language you speak, the events you celebrate, or even the minor customs which your family keeps, you have a culture all your own.

ICDO non-governmental organization

ICDO’s mission is to bridge diversity by promoting, on a global scale, diversity, interculturality. Through such projects, ICDO raises awareness of different cultural expressions and their values. The ICDO encourages the development of cross-cultural interaction with the goal of embracing diversity by believing it makes our society stronger in every aspect.

We are:
– Promoting the message that no one is inferior, but equal in every society,
– Presenting how migrants contribute to society in order to change the overall perception of migrants as “takers” and to give them a new role as “contributors”
– Informing migrants on local culture and educating the local population on migrants’ culture
– Raising public and political awareness on cultural values migrants bring
– Encouraging and promoting research in cooperation with universities
– Connecting with other national/international organization/s or association/s whose aims are similar to that of ICDO