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KALAN JE LA’AN project supports the following SDGs:

‘KALAN JE LA’AN: Following the Mayan Voice’ is a collaboration between ICDO and Maya communities to grant the Maya population a voice in the development of their communities and address the issues of cultural appropriation and misrepresentation.

Safeguarding cultural diversity is ICDO’s objective. In collaboration with the Maya communities in Quintana Roo, Mexico, the ICDO will organize the project to create a system of tools and empowerment for the communities, to help them explore their existing voice and potential with a focus on communication, tradition and longevity.

The project ‘KALAN JE LA’AN: Following the Maya Voice’ will be presented to the communities, private, and public sectors, as an invitation for dialogue, expression and action towards sustainable cultural development of the region.

ICDO will organize art exhibitions, workshops, series of panel discussions, dialogue and collaboration opportunities to give the communities the necessary tools to be heard, without influencing the messages that these communities wish to share.

Quintana Roo is Mexico’s most visited state, one of the reasons being tourists visiting the state to see the Maya communities. The Maya population, however, experiences misrepresentation and lacks a voice in the development of its communities. The tourist industry and appropriation of their culture, endangers the cultural diversity of the Maya.