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VIP Gala Dinner

Spectacular VIP Gala Dinner & Closing Ceremony was a magical night, that gathered all of those who are contributing to ICDO's mission, vision and projects.

Date: September 17
Time: 19:00

VIP Gala Dinner & Closing Ceremony

Palais Wertheim, Canovagasse 1-5, 1010 Wien

On September 17th, the fifth annual Long Nights of Interculturality celebrated its pinnacle event, the VIP Gala dinner, which brought together our partners, embassies and performers from all over the world. ICDO had the honor to host prominent guests, such as the likes of the Swedish Ambassador, H.E. Annika Markovic; Chargé d’Affaires a.i. at the Embassy of the Philippines, Ms. Irene Susan Natividad; Ambassador of Ghana to Austria, H.E. Philbert Johnson, and Ambassador of Croatia to Austria, H.E. Daniel Gluncic

The night commenced with a welcoming speech from the ICDO’s Advisors to the Executive Committee, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hermann Mückler and Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah, who flew all the way from Jamaica to attend the Long Nights of Interculturality. In her speech, Dr Niaah commemorated the ICDO, saying,

The ICDO – in my heart, in my mind, in my soul – is the fastest rising star in the world of cultural diversity, cultural activism, peace building, and humanitarian support.

Musical and dance performances accompanied the four-course dinner prepared by Catering Majetic from Croatia. Azerbaijani musicians, opera singer Orkhan Jalilov and pianist Tamilla Sadigbeyli opened the music part of the Gala Dinner. Their performance was followed by Adama Dicko & Seno Blues, representing the colorful music of Burkina Faso, that lit up the whole room.

The highlight of the evening was the speech and presentation from ICDO Founders – Josipa Palac and Toni Pehar respectively. The impactful speech engaged the audience and delivered the message of the work and impact that ICDO made in the past five years.

Since 2017, ICDO has established social development projects on four continents, and more precisely in twelve countries around the globe, stated Josipa Palac, with the hopes of continuing and expanding ICDO’s work and mission in years to come.

The work of the ICDO has touched the lives of thousands around the world. In the past few months alone, the ICDO has helped over 7,000 Ukrainian refugees, providing them safe transport, accommodation, and other forms of assistance. Through the “Kalan Je La’an: Following the Maya Voice” project in Mexico, the ICDO has supported over 500 indigenous Maya women and girls, among them Natty, who’s recorded message of appreciation was played to the audience. 

The informative and moving presentation was followed by a traditional Sri Lankan folk dance performance by the “Nartakah Dancing Academy”, ICDO’s long-term partner in #SafeguardingDiversity.

ICDO’s Advisor, Dr. Anthony Loewstedt, did the honors and formally reintroduced the ICDO Annual Excellence Award recipient, Barbara Trionfi, the Executive Director of the International Press Institute. Ms. Trionfi was awarded for her contributions to the press freedom and human rights all around the world.

I’m so honored to have been selected as the receiver of the ICDO award this year, and I’m deeply humbled, and I would like to thank the ICDO for this immense honor. Thank you, she said in a video message.

The Gala Dinner concluded with an inspiring musical performance by Luka Gudelj, a Classic Tenor Singer from Croatia.

On top of the attendance of their excellencies, we would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the participation and attendance of many representatives from the embassies of Moldova, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Uruguay, Panama, and Chile. We also had the honor to host representatives from the Yunus Emre institute, as well as the head of UNESCO, Martin Fritz, and the head of Austrian UNESCO, Peter Brezovsky. Also, heartfelt thanks to ICDO’s Ambassador Parisa Taheri, who attended the dinner with Hedieh Frischenschlager, ICDO’s Giveaway winner.

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