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Orchestra Excellence and ICDO – Festival “Suoni dal Golfo”

By May 19, 2017March 25th, 2019Projects

The first Festival organized by Orchestra Excellence and ICDO, which will introduce this new project to the entire world, will be in Lerici, a beautiful town on the Ligurian sea, in Italy.

The project means to create a new concept of orchestral experience for young musicians from all over the world, a group which has as main goal excellence in their performances, in their relationship with their colleagues, in their attitude towards their job. A new way of learning how to be an excellent orchestra player, where every single musician involved will be responsible for himself and its colleagues, in order to reach altogether the highest quality within a joyful and energetic atmosphere. It will be an orchestra where every musician will have the chance to express his ideas, propose programmes, create ensembles, have the chance to perform as a soloist, become responsible not only of his/her on playing but of an entire group, support the other musicians in their journey together. Every player will become a mentor and the team will be a family.

Cultural Diversity through music

Musicians from all over the world will gather in one place where diversities among them are going to be treasured as a virtue.

ICDO will:

▪Organize interactive workshops among the musicians and bring their personal stories together with promoting the message of unity in differences.

▪Partnership with Orchestra Excellence during the event to enhance the promotion of cultural diversity through music and workshops.

▪Produce a video which will convey the message of the whole event as one story of diversity, music, friendship & unity.

▪ Organize Conference

Importance of the project

The project is bringing a new and fresh approach to classical music. It means to change the perception that the musicians themselves have of their job, keeping the same energy of their school years alive. And at the same time, it means to change the perception of the “new generation” public with a more youthful and joyful image, keeping the highest quality of performance. It will be a project which will look at the entire world and not just locally. It can be exported anywhere because there are plenty of young musicians looking for an opportunity and struggling for a chance. The project brings them the hope that music is still the answer!

Project description

Orchestra Excellence is a project where young musicians from all around the world will be selected through online uploaded video. The system of selection will be totally transparent: every video will be uploaded in the online channel and the comments of the jury will be published so that anyone can read the reasons of the results and listen to the playing of every single candidate. The best applicants will be invited to take part in a festival where they will perform as orchestra players, as part of chamber ensembles, as soloists. They will rehearse in section rehearsals taking responsibility for their final result as well as supervised by internationally acclaimed mentors and then will prepare the concert programmes with the conductor and the soloists invited. All the musicians will live in the same place, will exchange their ideas, their experiences, share new projects, become friends and most of all, they will build a strong team. There will be two mentors for strings, one for woodwinds, one for brass and one for percussions. But the accent of this project is in the individual responsibility of every single musician to take care of the quality of their playing and of the playing of their colleagues and to learn how to make it their normal way of working.

The young musicians will be involved also in outreach events with the aim to attract the young generation to classical music. A fresh image, flash mobs, exciting programmes and no rules of behavior will be the key point of these events.

Orchestra Excellence and ICDO Festival Suoni dal Golfo – Lerici

During the past centuries, Lerici was hosting some of the most important artists of the world and that’s why its Gulf has been called “Gulf of Poets”. Shelley, Byron, Lawrence and many others lived in Lerici and have been inspired by its warm colors and wonderful sea. The programme of “Suoni dal Golfo” will celebrate the sea and the poets who loved Lerici. International soloists will perform in the most charming locations of Lerici and its surroundings and the Orchestra Excellence players will join them. Every day Lerici will be full of music, poetry, photography exhibitions and even will be surprised by flash mobs and special events. All the festival events, covered by the most important national and international press, will be streamed online and a documentary will be made to show the entire process of the Orchestra Excellence experience.

The closing event will be a concert with the orchestra performing on a platform on the sea for the first time in the world. The public will be enjoying such an exciting event, from the beach and the promenade of Venere Azzurra and/or from their boats and yachts.

The festival will be repeated every year in August with a duration of 14 days.


Rehearsals and master classes: Castello di Lerici


Villa Marigola

Castello di Lerici

Parco di Falconara

Parco Shelley – San Terenzo

Oratorio in Selaa – Tellaro

Venere Azzurra seashore (on a platform)

Program 2017

25 August

Villa Marigola ★ exclusive Opening Gala Concert

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi (bandoneon), Alexander Buzlov (cello), Alissa Margulis (violin), Lone Madsen (clarinet), Oliver Poole (piano), The Sicilius String Quintet, Quintet ExclusIV, Gianluca Marcianò (conductor)

Morricone Three Themes (Pietrodarchi, Sicilius Quintet)

Di Marino Concerto for bandoneon and string quintet (Pietrodarchi, Sicilius Quintet)

Howard Ostara Trio for clarinet, cello, piano (Madsen, Buzlov, Poole)

Paganini Variazioni sul Mosè di Rossini (Buzlov, Poole)

Strauss/Poole Fantasy on J. Strauss Waltzes

Gerswhin Rhapsody in Blue for sax quartet and piano (ExclusIV)

Piazzolla Oblivion, Adios Nonino, La Muerte del Angel, Violentango (Pietrodarchi, Sicilius Quintet)

26 August

Church of San Francesco, Lerici

Marcelo Bratke (piano)

BachPartita n. 1 in b flat major
DebussyReverie, Clair de lune
Villa-LobosAs Três Marias, Bachianas Brasileiras n.4


27 August

Church of San Francesco, Lerici

Gloria Campaner (piano), Vitaliy Pisarenko (piano), Alissa Margulis (violin), Alexander Buzlov (cello), Orchestra Excellence, Gianluca Marcianò (conductor)

Schumann Concerto for piano and orchestra op 54 (Campaner)
Beethoven Piano Concerto n. 3 op. 37 (Pisarenko)
Brahms Double Concerto op. 102 for violin and cello (Margulis, Buzlov)

28 August

Castle of Lerici

Poetry evening with Alessandra Vinotto, who will present her new book “Per Mare”. She will be accompanied by Angela Zapolla on violin and viola.

29 August

Villa Marigola ★ Symposium “Music, Diversity and Diplomacy” and Gala Concert

Pre-concert Symposium “Music, Diversity and Diplomacy”, Dr. Anthony Lowstedt and ICDO’s Josipa Palac (President), Ani Hakobyan (Event Director), and Cristel Carrisi Luksic Ambassador of ICDO workshop Cultural & Musical Mashup from 17:00-20:00.

ICDO’s Ambassador Cristel Carrisi Luksic will conduct series of interviews with musicians.

Maxim Novikov (viola), Polina Osetinskaya (piano)

Recital “Tempo”

Georgs Pelecis Evening. Morning. Day. (world première for composer’s 70th)
Pavel Karmanov Autumn leaves
Aivar Kalejs Grandfather Clock, The flow of time never stops
Leonid Dsyatnikov Three Echoes for piano

Roberto Di Marino Chronos

Arshia Samsaminia In Eternity

30 August

Villa Marigola ★ Gala Concert

YCAT Young Classical Artists Trust Soloists – Olivier Stankiewicz (oboe), Amy Harman (bassoon). Orchestra Excellence Chamber Orchestra, Gianluca Marcianò and Pablo Urbina (conductors)

Mozart Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra
Mozart Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
Dani Howard New work commissioned by the Festival (world premiere)
Beethoven Symphony No. 1

At the post-concert dinner, Melinda Hughes and Oliver Poole will perform a vocal evening “From Opera to Cabaret inspired by the Sea”.

Recital “Tempo”

Georgs Pelecis Evening. Morning. Day. (world première for composer’s 70th)
Pavel Karmanov Autumn leaves
Aivar Kalejs Grandfather Clock, The flow of time never stops
Leonid Dsyatnikov Three Echoes for piano

Roberto Di Marino Chronos

Arshia Samsaminia In Eternity

31 August

Lerici Castle – ICDO and Emma for Peace
ICDO and Emma for Peace symposium on music, diversity and diplomacy from 15:00 – 18:00. Speakers include; Ed Vulliamy, Eric Falt (Unesco), Aeham Ahmad (pianist), Dr. Anthony Lowstedt (ICDO Advisor) and Paolo Petrocelli (Unesco Italy).

Vassallo Square & Castle of Lerici ★ Post-concert dinner

Orchestra Excellence Brass and Percussion Ensembles, conducted by Gianluca Marcianò.

The concert will be at the Rotonda Vassallo in Lerici’s City Centre.

The dinner will be served at Lerici Castle’s terrace.

Vivaldi La tempest di Mare, concerto for violin op. 8 n. 5

Wagner Siegfried Idyll WWV 103

Haydn Trumpet Concerto Hob. VIIe

Handel Water Music HWV 348 Suite n.1

2 September

Villa Marigola ★ Gala Concert

Lone Madsen (clarinet), Katya Tsukanova (violin), soloists selected from Orchestra Excellence, Gianluca Marcianò (conductor)

Vivaldi Concerto for 4 violins and orchestra

Mozart Violin concerto no. 3

Koussevitsky Concerto for Double bass and Orchestra op. 3

Mozart Clarinet Concerto

3 September

Oratorio in Sella, Tellaro

Woodwinds of Orchestra Excellence.

5 September

Church of San Francesco, Lerici

“Tribute to Byron”

Maxim Novikov (viola), Damiano Salerno (baritone), Cristina Ferri (soprano), Orchestra Excellence, Gianluca Marcianò (conductor)

Berlioz Harold en Italie
Verdi selection of overtures, arias and duets

6 September

Exclusive Opening of Villa Shelley

For the first time ever the home of famous authour Percy Bysshe Shelley will be opened to the public. There will be an inaugural reception and recital by Maria Mikhailovskaya (harp) and Maxim Novikov (viola) at 19:30.

H.Renie Legende
Hua Yanjun Er Quan Ying Yue (The Moon Reflected In Er-Quan) for viola and harp
F.Liszt-H.Renie Un Sospiro
J.Cras Suite en duo pour flute et harpe (2-3 mvts)
X.Erdeli Elegy in the memory of M.Glinka
N.Flagello Sonate for harp, 1 mvt
P.Karmanov Funny Valentine for viola and harp
M.Mchedelov Variations on Paganini theme

Followed by a public chamber music concert in the Shelley Park by members of Orchestra Excellence at 21:30.

8 September

Venere Azzurra ★ Gala Afterparty

From a platform on the sea in the Gulf of Lerici, Gianluca Marcianò conducts the Orchestra Excellence to bring the sounds of Mendelssohn and Rimsky Korsakov to his home town.

Mendelssohn Ouverture “The Hebrides” op. 26
Mendelssohn Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage op. 27
Rimsky Korsakov Sheherazade op. 35

Pre-concert performance by the local band “Banda di Presidio del Comando Marittimo Nord della Spezia” at 20:00.