“The Black Line” photography exhibition portrays ancient indigenous ritual in Colombia

Showing people the diverse experiences of indigenous people allows us to reflect on humanity, the natural forces and the divine.”, said H.E. Miguel Camilo Ruí­z Blanco, Colombian Ambassador in Vienna.⁣

ICDO hosted the talk “The Black Line: Sacred Landscapes from La Sierra Nevada Santa Marta – Colombia” in collaboration with The Colombian Embassy and Weltmuseum Wien on November 16th in Vienna. We are proud to say that it was a rousing success. We were able to gather people to hear the message that mamos, indigenous spiritual priests ⁣from Colombia, wanted to transmit to the world.

The story began in 2013 when photographer Coque Gamboa was invited to document the ritual of healing the Mother Earth-La Linea Negra which occurs every 50 years. For the first time ever, mamu invited someone from outside the community to witness and document this sacred ritual of healing nature.

Mamu, the spiritual leaders from la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, perceive us as their ‘Younger Brothers’ of humanity and as our ‘Elder Brothers’, they wanted to share their knowledge and wisdom with us. Gamboa’s photo expose follow mamu Francisco every step of the way, documenting how sacred landscape is regenerated, as well as how the connection between places, people, and ancestors is established. Through the exquisite photographs of Jorge Coque Gamboa and the informative panel discussion, we were able to get a glimpse into the world of local Latin American indigenous communities and helped spread their message about healing the Mother Earth. ⁣The audience at the Weltmuseum Wien that day was moved by the video that showed the strong and powerful message Mamo Arwa Viku wanted us to hear.

ICDO would like to thank our partners: The Colombian Embassy and Weltmuseum Wien as well as our panelists: photographers Coque Gamboa, Andrea Altemüller and Katharina Heigl, our President of ICDO Josipa Palac, and moderator Claudia Augustat for ⁣their support!

Here you can watch the video of the event.