Bridging Diversity: Art & Expression

ICDO is announcing the ‘Bridging Diversity: Art & Expressions’ phase of our ongoing ‘Bridging Diversity’ project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The phase is focusing on the creative skills of the students, helping them express their knowledge and emotions through art.

The students will be able to create works of art that express their understanding of cultural diversity and other important elements of global society, guided by the “ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook”. The submitted art will have the chance to be displayed at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The aim of the ‘Bridging Diversity: Art & Expressions’ is to engage students from all three ethnicities in the region, but do so from a different angle than just academic. Art can bridge many differences and allows many ways to express oneself.

In order to promote understanding of cultural distinctiveness and encourage intercultural relations, ICDO believes there are many approaches that can be taken and that will complement one another. The impact and effectiveness of the project are enhanced when different phases, like ‘Bridging Diversity: Education’ and ‘Bridging Diversity: Art & Expression’ are paired together.

ICDO is excited to build relationships and nurture youth’s motivation to learn about other cultures, as well as highlight the beauty of the cultural expression and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The dates for the submissions and the exhibition are to be announced soon.

Submit reative works on the topics relevant to cultural diversity and the ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook, for a chance to have them featured at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Use the form below or send it to us:

The utilization of elements and principles of art in contrasting and diversified methods throughout the artistic process as an illustration of coexistence.

You may use this prompt as a guide for your creative work, be it painting, drawing, collages or photography, to illustrate your ideas and/or understandings on cultural expression, diversity, celebration, as well as diplomacy, balance, and coexistence.

Finally, art pieces will be selected by the Curatorial Board to be displayed at the UN Headquarters in Vienna during the 16th of April, 2019. Artists will be invited to attend the opening of the exhibition.


To be submitted to

  • Artist Information
    • Name, Address (School), Date of Birth, Nationality/Ethnicity (which you identify with)
  • Digital Photographs of work in good quality and proper lighting
  • Written Concepts from the artists
  • Art Piece Information
    • Title
    • Size (Width x Height)
      • Suggested size for paintings is 30 x 50, other sizes will be accepted
    • Medium (example: works on canvas or paper)
  • Accepted formats: painting, photography (color), collages or illustrations
  • Age: children and young adults
  • Description: In 1 to 2 paragraphs, please describe your use of mediums, elements, and principles in relation to ideas discussed in ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook. We encourage artist’s concepts to not only be literal translations of their work, but conceptual, philosophical, or theoretical. Describe the process (Internal negotiations) of your selection of mediums and techniques.