Bridging Diversity: BiH

Join ICDO as we engage with and nurture the relations of the three ethnicities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina” project supports the following SDGs:

‘Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina’ is a long-term project that aims to engage all three ethnicities in the region in order to promote understanding of cultural distinctiveness and expression while encouraging intercultural relations. Designed in phases, each part of the overall project works with and complements the previous stages to deliver impactful and long-lasting benefits to the participants.

‘Bridging Diversity: Bosnia and Herzegovina’ culminated on the 26th of October 2018, with the ‘Bridging Diversity: Education’ phase. ICDO organized and hosted intercultural educational workshops filled with case studies, open dialogue, and interactive tasks, between the students from the three ethnic groups from the Trebinje, Grude and Jablanica schools.

‘Bridging Diversity: Education’ was an opportunity for the students to work together and get introduced to the future phases of the project, as well as the “ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook” that discussed various aspects of cultural diversity. The tailored workshops offered a hands-on approach and delivered impactful, positive and lasting experiences by means of intercultural activities such as a cultural mash-up, creative social media challenges as well as team building and problem-solving activities.

Taking it a step further, ICDO is organizing a Panel Discussion in Grude on the 5th of April, 2019 with prominent international and local guests.

In order to promote understanding of cultural distinctiveness and encourage intercultural relations, ICDO believes there are many approaches that can be taken and that will complement one another. The impact and effectiveness of the project are enhanced when different phases, like ‘Bridging Diversity: Education’ and ‘Bridging Diversity: Art & Expression’ are paired together.

With the ‘Bridging Diversity: Students’ Voices’ and the ‘Bridging Diversity: Art & Expression’ phases well on the way, ICDO is giving students an opportunity to be heard. Students can submit written papers or creative works (art) on the topics relevant to cultural diversity and the ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook, for a chance to have them featured at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria in April.

ICDO is excited to build relationships and nurture youth’s motivation to learn about other cultures, as well as highlight the beauty of the cultural expression and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For student participants, use the form below or send us the entries:

The deadline is March 15th, 2019.

The requirements are:

  • Papers must have ALL SOURCES CITED. Please review this link on citing sources:
  • The font should be double-spaced, 12 points, Times New Roman.
  • The papers must be a minimum of 3 pages, and a maximum of 7 pages.

To be featured in the art exhibition, from 15th to 26th of April, 2019, use this prompt for inspiration:

“The utilization of elements and principles of art in contrasting and diversified methods throughout the artistic process as an illustration of coexistence.”

The creative work can be a painting, drawing, collages or photography used to illustrate your ideas and/or understandings on cultural expression, diversity, celebration, as well as diplomacy, balance, and coexistence.

The requirements are:

  • Artist Information: Name, Address (School), Date of Birth, Nationality/Ethnicity (which you identify with).
  • Digital Photographs of work in good quality and proper lighting.
  • Written Concepts from the artists.
  • Art Piece Information.

You can find an online version of the handbook here.

Check out the current phases of the project below: