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Bridging Diversity: Students’ Voices

By November 30, 2018March 13th, 2019Home page news, Project-Future

ICDO is offering a platform for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina to share their thoughts and opinions.

During ‘Bridging Diversity: Education’, ICDO was thrilled to find that the participating students were eager to embrace diversity and let their voices be heard. Building on some of the topics covered in the workshops in Trebinje and in the “ICDO’s Cultural Diversity Handbook”, we are creating new opportunities with ‘Bridging Diversity: Students’ Voices’.

During the ‘Bridging Diversity: Education’ workshops, the students covered important topics such as media culture and bias, social media, identity, immigration, bicultural families and education. The students from Bosnia and Herzegovina had a lot to share about these topics, which play a significant role in modern society.

“My mother is from Croatia and my father is from Bosnia. They let me be free, let me choose what and who I want to be. I didn’t want to choose to be Christian nor Muslim, I choose to be neither… It depends on everyone as an individual who they want to be.”
– Maya Džino

Over the upcoming months, ICDO will be sharing many of the ideas that the students had come up with during the workshops. Furthermore, as the students continue to discuss and present their thoughts in regards to cultural diversity, ICDO will be sharing some of these posts on our social media pages, while simultaneously raising awareness. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we will be working to create a platform for fresh, contemporary voices.

“… It is important to explain to people that education is the best way to give children a better future. And with the support of the people, the governments will have to take action. Education enables jobs, independence and opportunities to travel, meet different people and cultures, and gain all the benefits of the modern world.”

ICDO is excited to build relationships and nurture youth’s motivation to learn about other cultures, as well as highlight the beauty of the cultural expression and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Social media is a great tool to involve the audience from all walks of life, and ‘Bridging Diversity: Students’ Voices’ is doing just that.