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virtual panel discussion

The virtual panel discussion ‘Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: Developing Diverse and Sustainable Future’ provided a virtual podium for leaders in the corporate sector - CEOs and Heads of different departments in various international companies, and academic sector. Panelists discussed their role, and the role of their companies and institutions in shaping a sustainable, more diverse and inclusive future.

Date: September 17
Time: 18:00 – 19:00 CEST

‘Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: Developing Diverse and Sustainable Future’ Virtual Panel Discussion

Online, Facebook Live on

For the first virtual panel discussion of The Long Nights of Interculturality, ICDO invited leaders from different sectors – CEOs and Heads of different departments – to discuss the role of leadership, CSR and cooperation in shaping a sustainable, more diverse and inclusive future. The virtual panel discussion “Leadership and CSR: Developing Diverse and Sustainable Future” was live streamed on the ICDO Facebook page, with President Josipa Palac moderating the panel and welcoming the panellists to an interesting and important discussion, to share their expertise in their respective field. 

Being important drivers of change, making social impact and contributing to a global culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Ms. Anna Hagvall, Head of Sustainability at Samhall, Sweden; Ms. Viktorija Dobravec, Project Manager of Energy Projects at Interreg Central Europe; and Toni Pehar, Treasurer and CFO at ICDO, General Manager at Gentium Capital Consulting, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Colombia to the Republic of Croatia; shared their experience and advice! 

Besides talking about individual approaches and leading by example, one important aspect that was discussed during the panel was cooperation between different corporations, institutions, organizations and civil society. As Anna Hagvall mentioned: “I think if we are to solve all the global challenges that we have, that we face, on equality, peace, and environmental challenges, then we all need to contribute and we all need to work together across different sectors.” Not just from a corporate perspective, but also considering cooperation on the level of the European Union, as Viktorija Dobravec explains: “Only through cooperative work is it possible to achieve goals of sustainability. […] What we value is transnational cooperation. It is another piece of this whole puzzle to achieve sustainability that we need to work on the transnational, international level. And particularly in this aspect, our programs are trying to reduce regional disparities, regional gaps and differences between countries and also between regions in the same countries. […] Cooperation is very important in all aspects!” 

Toni Pehar, having a lot of experience on working on the field of different ICDO projects,  also highlighted ICDO efforts to improve cooperation and corporation involvement: “We cooperate with a lot of companies, especially internationally, by assisting CSR initiatives, because it is not easy for every company to decide in which direction to go, and having projects globally, we have different types of projects to tackle issues like gender equality, human and children’s rights, which companies can join. In doing so they support important projects and can also contribute to their own CSR initiatives and society.” An inspiring dialogue of very successful individuals, sharing insights into their work and vision!

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